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A wide range of safety and protective components.

Protection systems

Wiping systems

HESTEGO offers a solution for wiping the guide surfaces of milling machines. Using our wipers will help you retain accuracy and extend the life of the guide surfaces. For each type we offer several attachments to the support section.

Rolling covers

In tight spaces with an absence of other technical solutions, roller covers are the right choice. We deliver roller covers with or without a protective case and in your choice of materials. We also offer special materials for high temperatures.

Spin windows and machine safety glass

The main task of safety glass is to protect the machine operator against injury. For this, we offer safety glass with integrated spin window, which allows for observation of the milling process. We also offer spin windows separately for retrofitting.

Telescopic springs

Telescopic springs are used to cover spindles and ball screws. They are made of high-quality strip iron. Telescopic springs have varying expansions according to the mounting position. They can be installed without removing the ball screw.

Sectional screens

Protection against a small amount of swarf or coolant. Their simple design offers high mobility and easy installation. They are characterized by low space demands.

Cable carriers

Ideal protection for cables and hoses for the moveable equipment of your machine. Resistant to all liquids and lubricants commonly used in machines. Demanding load tests prove that there is no wear even after millions of cycles.

Clamping and braking systems

HESTEGO offers pneumatic clamping and braking systems of the highest performance and torque. They have a wide spectrum of uses for various types of equipment.

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