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Our department is concerned with cutting, burning, and punching sheet metal, steel coils, profiles, and certain polycarbonates. If necessary, we can deburr or tumble these products to ensure blunt edges after the cutting. We can further deburr cut products according to customer requirements. Our department is equipped with the latest technologies, which is reflected in the resulting quality of the products.

Cut-outs, formed and punched parts

If needed, we can punch parts instead of burning them. This is especially suitable for the production of galvanized parts (punching prevents damage to zinc-plated surfaces on burnt edges; in addition the zinc-coating "protrudes" over the edge when cut, thus increasing its corrosion resistance). We can also shape these parts according to specifications (e.g. necks, embossing, embedding, ribbing). We can cut out, shape, and punch all grades of steel with maximum dimensions of 5,000 x 1,500 mm and thicknesses from 0.5 mm to 8 mm (depending on the type of material). We can also perform these processes on some types of polycarbonate.


We burn components of all shapes and grades of steel, with maximum dimensions of 4,000 x 2,000 mm, or 5,000 x 1,500 mm, in thicknesses from 0.1mm to 30 mm (depending on the type of material). We mark the parts (any standard writing or QR codes) using engraving technology.

Cut and burnt profiles

We can cut profiles and bars of all possible shapes and grades of steel with angles between 45°-135°, widths of up to 300 mm (depending on the type of material), and a maximum length of 6,000 mm. If complicated patterns (non-standard cut-outs, hexagons for pressing-in nuts, etc.) are required in the production of profiles, we can use the burning technology on pieces with a maximum length of 3,800 mm.

Combined manufacture

The mentioned production technologies can be variously combined. For example, we can use shaping (ribbing) on one part of a casing, while the inner holes can be punched, and the outer shapes can be burned. All of these combinations are carried out on the basis of experience of our programmers and customer requirements.

We look after our customers with utmost care. If you have a question, suggestion, or comment, please do not hesitate to contact us.