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HESTEGO is no mere sheet metal.
It is a sheet brought to life that serves to the people. 
At the hands of design engineers and manual workers, machines and their parts are born to be incorporated into larger units.

The development of these machines is always initiated by an idea; no matter from customers, designers or marketers.
All are all important for the development of the company and the people in it.
But in the end, there always has to be a product that succeeds on the market, enriches the portfolio of the company, and fundamentally simplifies the job of workers.

After specifying a machine's requirements and thoroughly analysing of what it is to do, when it is needed, and how much is to be invested in the development, the raw idea goes to the design department, which unfolds it and eventually submits documentation for production.
But this is a long run.
It is necessary to examine the potential design alternatives, search for the available solutions, inspect the industrial design rights of competing companies, and finally design a functional model that meets all the specifications.
During the design process, it is necessary to monitor cost parameters, manufacturability, and technological demands.
We also use the DFSS (Design for Six Sigma) methodology when designing machines.
We verify lifetime calculations, carry out operation simulations, and detect weak points that may be the cause of breakdowns, as well as simplify the nodes, reduce the number of parts, and more.
For all of these calculations, we use special software and frequently cooperate with universities.

Drafting the design is followed by production of a prototype on which we test the actual parameters and behaviour of the machine in real conditions, including loading tests and accelerated lifetime tests.
We apply the findings of these tests back to the product to continue to optimise its design, construction and the manufacturing technology.
In this step, we verify that the primary requirements are satisfied.

An integral part of the machine's development and activation is the satisfaction of all applicable standards and procurement of the needed certificates.
Great emphasis is put on the safety of operations.
For these reasons, we cooperate with state test laboratories and safety inspectors.
When the requirements and comments arising from the prototype are incorporated, a verification series is launched and instructions for assembly and use are written.
Each step in the development process moves us forward in experience and competitiveness.
Moreover, it leaves behind the feeling of a job well done. The more often you see the machine in normal operation, the greater pride we experience.

We look after our customers with utmost care. If you have a question, suggestion, or comment, please do not hesitate to contact us.