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For the past few years, the HESTEGO Company has intensively devoted themselves to developing their own products allowing the customer to choose whether they would like to tailor their product or choose an existing one. Our professional approach, the latest trends, sophisticated innovation, the speed of expedition and high quality are our calling card.

Our customer base is formed by a wide range of companies ranging from small domestic ones to large multinational corporations. It is not important to us whether it is a simple part or a complex production unit; the satisfaction of our customers is of key importance.

Our Own and Custom Production

Contactless hand sanitizer

H-Check is a new technological device serving as a protective means and prevention agaainst the spread of disease, not only Covid-19 but also other types of viruses and bacteria.

Entertainment Industry

Our production portfolio includes modern slot machines and betting terminals with a timeless design. We offer both our own products as well as designing and producing for leading manufacturers of gaming and slot machines and betting terminals.

Kiosks and Terminals

We have developed manufacturing terminals and information kiosks for production control for our own needs and later for the needs of our customers. These devices are used to collect data using additional software solutions.

Other Industries

As a traditional manufacturer of sheet metal products, HESTEGO also focuses on covering different types of products and various types of industries such as electrical industry or waste management.

Smart Waste Bins

HESTEGO has developed a new product in an already well-known area of industry. Waste management is an area where we would like to implement our innovations through waste bins which, thanks to their intelligence and variability, will help reduce the environmental and economic burden on our customers. We would like to introduce two models of the new Smart B product. One of them focuses on weight measurement and the other on waste compression, with both types being able to optimize the pickup route. Detailed specifications and photos can be found below:

We look after our customers with utmost care. If you have a question, suggestion, or comment, please do not hesitate to contact us.