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In the area of machine  covers, we use our rich experience in the creation of modern design. We can satisfy the needs of demanding customers. Our professional approach allows us to combine the utility functions of the machine with good looks and preserved technological potentialities in the production of both internal and external guards.

Machine covers

Telescopic covers

Telescopic covers protect the guide surfaces and components of moving shafts. Our applied knowledge allows us to create an overall model of each telescopic cover and improve the basic components.

Machine covers

We design compete structural machine covers according to customer specifications beginning with the initial drafts of the machine. Exchanging 3D data allows us to quickly implement the machine's prototype production.

Protection systems

A wide range of safety and protective components.


Simple and affordable solution for various applications in the field of enclosed protection of moving parts, especially in limited spaces.

We look after our customers with utmost care. If you have a question, suggestion, or comment, please do not hesitate to contact us.