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The word 'design' is very broad. Historically, it has been perceived as what something looks like, that is, the visual interpretation of the product. At HESTEGO, we try to perceive this concept more comprehensively.
For us, design refers to the entire production process. Starting with satisfying all functional requirements, moving on to the discovery of unspoken requirements, through to the aesthetic character of the end product; and all of this with the customer in mind. The customer defines all the aforesaid factors: we are only his guides and advisers on the road to the best result. We remove the boundaries between the traditional roles of designers, engineers, and technologists. At HESTEGO, these professions do not conflict with each other – they closely collaborate to produce each product. Only only through this design process can a product finally raise all the right emotions – and it is the right reactions that lead to customer satisfaction and market success.

We also often cooperate with universities where we give space to students so that they can show off their emerging talents. On larger projects, we seek advice from renowned industrial designers. This cooperation pushes our products further. They become more visible at world exhibitions, trade fairs, and competitions. We can boast of winning a prestigious Red Dot Award for Industrial Design in 2015. 

We look after our customers with utmost care. If you have a question, suggestion, or comment, please do not hesitate to contact us.